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The real truth about olive oils........

Olive oil adulteration is a hot topic in the specialty food world.
Many consumers are purposely misled through marketing and advertising.
Below are some key points about the different grades of Olive Oils.
EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Must be first cold pressed (oil is extracted by mechanical process, no solvents or other purifying processes). EVOO must also be less than 1% acidity, the closer to zero acidity, the better quality the product. Must contain positive flavor profiles like grassy, pepper finish, notes of banana or artichoke. Color is the least important factor in selecting an olive oil. Some less scrupulous oil makers will press the olive leaves in with the fruit to color the oil a more vibrant green.
Pure Olive Oil- also referred to as "virgin" olive oil. Must also be first cold pressed, and oil is extracted by mechanical process only. No solvents or other purifying products used during the process. Pure Olive Oil is classified as 1.1% or greater acidity, but has less distinguishable olive oil flavor profile, more neutral in flavor profile, it must also not have any "off" flavor profiles such as "musty, dull, etc". These oils are popular with herb infusions, because the neutral flavor profile of the pure olive oil will allow the herb infusions to be showcased.
Pomace Olive Oil- in our opinion as well as the IOOC ( International Olive Oil Council) pomace oil is an industrial product, and should not be used for human consumption. Pomace oil is created by flushing the mats of olive fruit and pits with solvents to extract any remaining oils, the solvent is then refined and extracted and the remaining product is called Pomace Olive Oil.While technically approved and safe for consumption according to the US and FDA- why use poor quality oils when there are so many amazing products to use instead!